What Makes Us Better Than The Rest

We get it!  Gyms can be intimidating. Fitness can be difficult to fit into your life especially when it’s not always “fun.”  We get that you are busy and that training can feel like you’ve added just one more thing to your already FULL plate.  However, Mo-Mentum Fitness is special….. We believe fitness is a life endeavor. Your body is your spiritual vehicle….if your vehicle is broken, you aren’t going anywhere! And you’re definitely not going to thrive!

Our trainers are passionate about helping you uncover your super powers.  We spend A LOT of time figuring out how to help you get your BEST results quickly and safely, all while you are actually enjoying yourself!  We focus on you as a whole person, because it doesn’t matter if you have “the perfect body,” it matters that you are healthy, happy and fit for your life.

Mo-Mentum Fitness is an industry leader, combining world-class programing, with fun, inspiration, nurturing and an all-inclusive environment.  We believe life is too short to not work hard AND laugh and play!  So be prepared for spontaneous singing and dancing in the middle of a group fitness class or during training sessions.  And be prepared to be challenged at your own level everyday!

We Have Something For Everyone


Learn to safely perform olympic lifts and also heavy weights both safely and effectively


Spin is an EXCELLENT form of exercise to challenge your cardiovascular endurance condition


Class alternating periods of short and high intensity exercise with less-intense periods of recovery


 For anyone who has taken a VERY LONG break from exercise or for those wanting to learn

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