Fat Loss Programs

August 1 – September 12


Stop acting your age! Life is so much better after 40, especially when you are moving your body. Over 70% of how you age is totally up to you. Through exercise and proper nutrition you will feel better and have more fun. Your health will change when your decisions change. It doesn’t matter that you wish for your health to improve. It doesn’t matter that you talk about your health changing. Your actions will determine your health and they will help you to feel like acting how your feel and not your chronological age!

Challenge Features

Firm up your entire body and feel more confident in your clothes. Our workouts are designed to help you lose fat, tone your entire body with quick convenient workouts.

You will no longer dread exercise and coming to the gym.  40 Days of Unlimited Workouts that can be modified for all fitness levels and will get you back into shape in no time.

You will NOT feel out of place and will make new friends who are also serious about changing their bodies and lives.   Our Weekly Small Group Personal Training sessions provide you with individual attention from world class fitness professionals.

 You won’t feel overwhelmed by bulky, hard-to use machines!  Our equipment is easy to use and you have constant guidance, instruction and support that is always available to you.

Learn to shop healthy at our Healthy Shopping Trip!  We will teach healthy options including what to eat, how to read food labels, and great food substitutions.

Conveniently scheduled full body exercise classes for beginners, intermediate and advanced.  Classes are also scheduled for business professionals, parents, and busy adults including for people who are new to exercise.

Don’t let an injury get in the way of your goals.  Our  highly trained staff are knowledge about modifying workouts to help you recover from your injury, get you out of pain and help you stay on your path to fat loss and health.

 Eating healthy will no longer feel like an impossible mystery!  We will provide you with a 40 Day Easy to Follow Meal Plan filled with simple and healthy recipes, delicious snacks, and even desserts!

Accountability–Keep track of your fat loss and other goals with our state of the art fat loss and goal tracking program.

The support of Team Mo-Mentum who will support you over the course of the 40 day program.  In addition you will get a daily e-mail that includes motivational, fitness, and nutrition tips that will keep you motivated and focused on your goals


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