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Mo-Mentum Fitness Spartan Training Program


14502881_10153866234887401_4901601823572932559_nIt’s easy to become complacent in our lives. But complacency equals stagnation! Ain’t nobody got time for that! Step out of your comfort zone and do something that scares you (even if just a tiny bit) and watch your life change for the better. image

Spartan races aren’t easy; they require serious, high quality training, but that’s why running a Spartan race is kind of scary and out of our comfort zones.  Remember….to live your best life, you need to get outside of the limitations fear might be creating in your life!  LIVE BIG! and as my friend Buff Gandhi says, “GO TO YOUR GRAVE ON EMPTY!”  

This is why we have developed a specialized SPARTAN training program to condition your mind and body so you can conquer your next Spartan Race with confidence and vigor!  

Whether you are training for the Sprint (5 miles) or the Super (8-10 miles) we will prepare you for race day  which is – January 28th, 2017!  

THE BEST PART IS, You’ll be surrounded by your Mo-Menutm Tribe and coaches which means you’ll have A TOTAL BLAST!

We have two specialized programs for you to choose from to unleash your inner Spartan for race day!  

Check out your choices below and let’s get to living that BIG LIFE!

Spartan Race Details

Race Date: January 28th

Race Location: Pala, CA

Super: 8-10 miles/24-29 obstacles

Sprint: 3-5 miles/20-23 obstacles

    Spartan Training Options – Training Starts Dec. 3rd
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    Basic Training

    • Six Customized Spartan Training Sessions to prepare you for the race
    • Training logs to keep you focused on your goals
    • Spartan Training Manual
    • Team Mo-Mentum Spartan T-Shirt
    • The Support of Team Mo-Mentum

    Spartan Small Group

    • Weekly Small Group Training Sessions (capped at 6 people) to prepare you for the race
    • Spartan Training Manual
    • Quarterly Body Composition Assessment
    • Nutrition Guide with recipes and eating guidelines
    • Off Site Spartan Workouts to prepare you for the obstacles
    • A Private Spartan Training Facebook Page to Keep You Focused On Your Race
    • Team Mo-Mentum T-Shirt
    • Training logs to keep you focused on your goals
    • The Support of Team Mo-Mentum