Meet The Mo-Team

Amanda Mittleman signs publishing deal

Amanda Mittleman


Amanda has been involved in the fitness industry since 1995. She is a successful entrepreneur and business owner, certified personal trainer, functional movement specialist, and group fitness instructor. Amanda is a published author and has presented her research for the National Strength & Conditioning Association, California State University, Long Beach, The University of Binghamton, New York, and The University of New Mexico. Amanda has also been featured in many fitness videos including the current top selling infomercial and video set, TurboFire™. In everything she does, Amanda believes in empowering people to take actions everyday towards creating lives that surpass their wildest dreams. She strongly believes that a healthy body is essential for a healthy mind and spirit. Mo-Mentum Fitness began as Amanda’s dream, to create a place which empowers people and redefines fitness and health vital and enjoyable parts of life. Upon completing her Master’s Degree in Kinesiology at California State University, Long Beach in 2009, Amanda created and opened Mo-Mentum Fitness. Today Amanda and her inspiring Mo-Mentum Fitness team, continue to help people bring out their inner super heroes, creating the highest quality, life enhancing fitness programs that are guaranteed to be the best part of your day everyday!

We Transform Lives and Guarantee Results!

Our clients achieve life-transforming results, Whether it’s fat loss, toning muscle, raising energy levels, lowered stress, gained confidence. You will achieve the goals you set for yourself.



Alex Williams


Alex Williams an amazing, fun and passionate  group fitness instructor with over 20 years of experience.  She teaches Boxing, HIIT, spin and strength based classes.


Adrian Velarde


If you’re looking for a challenging and rewarding workout with maximum results, Adrian’s your man! He’s an NASM, CPT & FNS (Certified personal trainer and fitness nutrition specialist) who has been coaching for more than 6 years. Adrian studied biochemistry at CSUF and Graphic Design/Visual Communications at FIDM in Los Angeles. Adrain is a very well rounded fitness coach. He started with a weight loss specialty but moved into professional bodybuilding background (trained a couple competitive physique and bodybuilding athletes) and has now incorporated corrective/functional exercise training into his specialty. His goal in the industry is to empower people and help them learn to share his enthusiasm for fitness.

“It’s important to me for my clients to be constantly improving both physically, and mentally.”

Steve 2

Steve Mittleman

Co-Founder | Olympic Lifting Coach

Steve Mittleman grew up in Southern California and moved to the Long Beach area in 1988. He lifted weights recreationally at LA Fitness and 24-Hour Fitness but never achieved any substantial results, except for a slight increase in strength. Everything changed when he met Amanda; he was inspired by her contagious motivation. When he turned 40, he participated in the Scottish Highland Games, which is a 9-event competition revolved around throwing heavy objects; the most common event is known as the Caber Toss. Since his participation in these games, he has become more involved in strength sports like the Highland Games, Power lifting and Olympic Weightlifting. Listed below are some of the recent events and competitions that Steve has participated in over the past few years:

Sierra Matthews


Sierra Matthews started at Mo-Mentum Fitness as a group fitness member and soon discovered that she loves lifting heavy things and everything Crossfit. A lifelong athlete, Sierra grew up competing in gymnastics and soccer but really got serious about working out after high school. She began taking cardio classes and began competing in 5/10ks. As she got more serious about fitness, she began integrating weights into the mix. When she began training at Mo-Mentum Fitness, she was introduced to Crossfit and has competed in two Crossfit competitions with several more on the horizon! Sierra is passionate about helping others develop a healthy lifestyle and reach their fitness goals, in a fun and supportive environment. She wants to share her love of fitness with others and recently became a certified personal trainer. She works alongside Callie to run our Mini-Ninja Kids Program and together, they work to instill lifelong healthy habits in the kids in their program.

Judy Coleman


Judy Coleman became a member at Mo-Mentum Fitness while battling a long-term illness that had ended a 14-year career in law enforcement as a San Diego Police Officer and FBI Special Agent.  A year of training at Mo-Mentum Fitness allowed her to achieve goals in strength, endurance, and energy that she feared were no longer possible and return to a healthy, happy, and fulfilling life.  Judy decided to become a certified personal trainer so she could guide and inspire others to achieve their fitness goals just as the team at Momentum-Fitness had guided and inspired her.

Despite her small stature, Judy played basketball and volleyball in high school and weight training, running, biking, and swimming were all essential parts of her adult life prior to her illness.  She is thrilled to have had the opportunity to reintegrate exercise into her daily routine and is passionate about helping others rediscover their inner athlete.


Kristin Richards


If you are new to fitness, looking to get stronger with function in mind, or have ever had an injury, Kristin will make it her goal to help you out!  Graduating with a Bachelor of Science degree in Kinesiology and Fitness from California State University, Long Beach, in August of 2016, Kristin knows first-hand what it’s like to rehabilitate the mind and body from injuries and get back to fitness.  Having worked in a physical therapy clinic for a year, she understands the importance of mindfulness, proper form, patience, and breath work, and has used therapeutic as well as corrective exercise to empower her clients.  As she has improved her own fitness throughout her education and practice, she has designed low-impact, medium and high-intensity workouts for those interested in an efficient boot camp circuit, as well as more rehabilitative-focused trainings for those who need it.  Her clientele has ranged from adults new to exercise to those looking for fun, creative, and challenging workouts.  Her main goal is to help you get to where you want to be while giving you the tools that help you today.  Whether you’re just getting back into the game or want a new way to amp up your workouts, she can help you.  Come and see what you can do!


Allison Ippolito


This Massachusetts native recently moved to Seal Beach in July 2015. She brings her North East energy and fire to each of her classes. Allison will challenge you to work hard and push yourself farther than you think you can physically and mentally go. She loves the excitement and passion that Mo-Mentum members bring to each class. When she is not at Mo-Mentum, she loves spending time with her husband exploring Southern California and she is a very BIG Boston sports fan.  She’s sure this passion will never go away.

Carleen Dinh

Group Fitness Instructor

Carleen brings an abundance of sincere quality of instruction coupled with challenging and powerful movements to her Barre class. Come prepared to get your butt kicked in this moderate energy class designed to lengthen, strengthen, and tone muscles with an emphasis on the gluteal muscles.

Faye Reyes (THUMB)

Faye Reyes


Putich was raised in the Bay Area, and moved to Southern California in 1998.  She’s worked in several jobs including a receptionist, a freelance makeup artist, made and sold her own jewelry, and dabbled in making my own bath and body products. She’s always enjoyed interacting with other people, no matter what she was doing or making, but didn’t think she would end up teaching group fitness! Now, she teaches HOT FUSION (Ol’ Skool Hip Hop with weights), HOT HULA fitness (Polynesian dance based workout), and Yoga. She is also just certified in R.I.P.P.E.D. There’s so much to learn with health and fitness, and it is her passion to share knowledge with others, enriching not only their lives but her own.

Will Garcia (THUMB)

Will Garcia


Will Garcia is a strength and conditioning specialist who coaches our powerlifting teams and small groups.  He also actively competes in USA Powerlifting. He recently completed his 6th USAPL National Bench Press Championship in Scranton, PA where he successfully took first place with a 370 lb. bench press in the Open (All ages) 130 lb. weight class and won his 6th national bench press title in a row.  He has a spot on the  U.S. National Bench Press team which will be competing May 18th 2016 in Potchefstroom, South Africa.

Yumi Yamagishi- Thumb

Yumi Yamagishi

Group Fitness Instructor

No Bio Yet.


Beckie White

Mini-Ninja Instructor

Beckie White is a group fitness instructor and nutrition coach who loves everything food and fitness.  As a collegiate track and field athlete, she competed in shot put, hammer, discus, and javelin and used weightlifting to supplement her training. After college, she gained more than 70 pounds due to a stressful job, unhealthy diet, and lack of movement. Although she has always loved to cook, this motivated her to change her approach to food and to begin exercising again. She learned everything she could about nutrition, lost the weight, and fell in love with many types of workouts including boxing and crossfit.  Her passion is working with kids to tackle nutrition so they don’t struggle with eating as adults.

There is a gym on every corner in Southern California. There’s also at least one K-Mart or Walmart in every city in Southern California. But, would you be willing to go to a K-Mart / Walmart level facility for your health care? Probably not, so why would you trust your fitness, health and overall well being to a K-Mart level gym? K-Mart and Walmart are great for quick shopping and items that can be replaced often. The things at K-Mart or Walmart are inexpensive so we don’t expect the highest of quality. However when you need a wedding gift for your best friend or your boss you’re probably going to go to a higher end store. You can still save money at a higher store, but you definitely want a quality item. Right?

Your health and fitness shouldn’t be negotiable! You only get to live in one body so why screw it up?! Pick the gym with the world’s best fitness coaches and group fitness instructors. That’s Mo-Mentum Fitness! Our coaches and instructors are passionate about their careers. They constantly update their educations, learning new ways to help our members feel better, get stronger, recover from injuries, prevent injuries, burn fat, build muscle and increase the quality of their lives. Our trainers hold credentials from the most stringent nationally recognized fitness certification agencies such as NASM, ACE, and NSCA. Many of our trainers have Master’s and Bachelor’s degrees in Kinesiology and other science and health fields.

You can be confident that we will take care of you and help you reach your fitness, health, weight loss, strength goals and way beyond!